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Boy Scout Troop 77
(Geneva, Switzerland)
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What are some of the things THIS troop has done?

When it comes to what we do, we're proud to say that we're way past the "recruiting hype". This troop DOES...

For example:
  • ... camping or other "big idea' EVERY month
  • ... weekend canoe trip does the Ardèche
  • ... 7-day canoe trip / 50 mile excursion down the Allier River
  • ... a week of sailing in the Med
  • ... fishing and fly-fishing on local lakes and rivers
  • ... shoot rifles and shotguns
  • ... archery
  • ... 150 mile bike hikes in Holland
  • ... pioneering projects
  • ... orienteering with map & compass
  • ... hiking, hiking, and more hiking!
  • ... "Wilderness Survival" weekends sleeping in shelters we built from scratch
  • ... First-aid weekends
  • ... Klondike Derby in Kandersteg
  • ... week-long Summer Camp each year in Kandersteg or elsewhere
  • ... study mammals, reptiles & amphibians, nature
  • ... study soil & water conservation, oceanography
  • ... cooking over open fire
  • ... hosted Leadership training weekends
  • ... Run Merit Badge days and weekends
  • ... And there is so much MORE!
We do not limit the level of "adventure" the boys (and soon girls!) want to have. Scouting is a SCOUT-LED program. The SCOUTS decide what we do, and strong, trained, committed adults help them achieve their goals.

What do YOU want to do?

Read below for some summaries of our past events!

Event History:


Scouts from Troop 77 often travel to Normandy, France, to participate in the annual Transatlantic Council (TAC) Memorial celebration in Normandy, France

The Klondike Derby

The Kandersteg International Scout Centre (KISC) is a World Centre of the World Organisation of the Scout Movement (WOSM). The Centre began in 1923 with Lord Baden-Powell, who, after the first World Scout Jamboree, had a dream about a place where all Scouts from all over the world could meet.  Troop 77 participates in The TAC-sponsored Klondike Derby every Winter (usually end-January)


Scouts from Troop 77 participate in Camp Alpine (at Kandersteg) or at other adventure weeks worldwide.  Some adventures:

  • 2019 Backpacking Philmont Scout Ranch, New Mexico
  • 2019 Kandersteg, Camp Alpine
  • 2011 Sailing in the Med, Finale Ligure
  • 2010 Florida Sea Base
  • 2010 Kandersteg, Swiss Alps
  • 2009 Backpacking Philmont Scout Ranch, New Mexico
  • 2008 Seakayaking around Elba, Italy
  • 2007 Canoeing Allier River, France


Go-karting in France.


Outdoor cooking at a campout.


Family full moon snowshoe hike.


Satigny Campout


     Nearby to downtown Geneva, the Swiss Scouts have a wonderful area that can be used for a weekend campout. 

This weekend’s outing included compass navigation, learning about the ins-and-outs of the science fingerprinting, and a lot of outdoor cooking



Celebrating Scouting's 100th Anniversary

      Celebrating the 100th Anniversary with Scouts from all over Europe  
     Special memorial celebration in Normandy, France. 

Signal de Bougy Rolle Campout

In September we had the first activity of the season, we went to a tree course in Signal de Bourgy.  This was great fun.  The course was made up of at least six different 'trails' to choose from, all varying difficulty.  Some proved to be quite challenging.

The course was followed by a short hike down to the campsite in Rolle.   The campsite was right on Lake Leman.  We had great weather, and several of the new Scouts went through all the requirements to be a Scout  


Merit Badge Fair Genolier

On the weekend of the 17th of March, the merit badge fair took place.   We (the scouts) travelled to Genolier, not very far away from Geneva and Nyon. On Saturday, we got there around 8:30 and started working on their first merit badge until lunch.  The merit badge options this year were First Aid, Personal Management, and Chess (a new merit badge) during the first session.  After lunch we worked on the second merit badge (some worked on first aid for two sessions, but others were able to work on Coin Collecting or Home Repairs). After, most of the scouts stayed outside playing capture the flag, and lingered around till dinner. Dinner was hot dogs with delicious mac and cheese, prepared by the Mario Bothers. After a filling meal came the dessert. Waffles, strawberries, ice cream, dessert was very good. Next morning, we cleaned the chalet after breakfast and then started the third merit badge session (Family Life, Public Speaking, or Architecture). By the time the sessions finished, it was around noon and it was pouring outside. We had to wait a few minutes for the train but still got back to Geneva (Nyon for some) for lunchtime. This was a very fun campout.


Klondike Derby 2012

We participated with three patrols at the TAC Klondike Derby in Kandersteg Switzerland.  

This year’s theme was Sunny At The Beach, with challenges representing a good time at the beach.

This year saw a repeat of 2008 with the Troop taking first place in this Council wide event.






Summer Camp 2011 saw us head towards the Med.  We camped in a wonderful campsite in Finale Ligure.  

The first few days saw us hiking through the coastal hills, visiting the small towns in the area, and savoring local delicacies in the gelato shops.   

After that it was onto sailing the blue waters of the Northern Med.

On the off time we spent working on Lifesaving and Forestry merit badges. 



October saw us return for a hike over Gemmi Pass  - 2316m / 7599ft  

This year was different than any other year.  We had the pleasure of snow.

Started up the path in a very light rain, which turned to a light snow as we increased in elevation. 

Eventually we found ourselves hiking through 20cm of snow.



      Summer 2010 again saw the Scouts and Scouters of the troop participate in several different scouting adventures. 


In early July we went to Camp Alpine, a TAC run week long summer camp in Kandersteg, at the International Scout Center.  Our 18 boys, including two scouting friends, one from Oregon and one from New Jersey, joined 250 scouts from BSA, which joined 750 scouts from all over the world.


This adventure was followed up by a small contingent getting together with a group from Texas in the Florida Keys, at the Florida Sea Base High Adventure Camp. Where we participated in the Scuba Live Aboard.  Living and sailing for 8 days on a 57 foot schooner through out the Florida Keys; making 2-4 dives a day on different reefs. 


Last year was Philmont, this year Sea Base, where will next year take us?


Klondike Derby 2010


We participated with three patrols at the TAC Klondike Derby in Kandersteg Switzerland.  

This year’s theme was the Seven Summits, with challenges representing the highest mountain peaks on each of the 7 continents.


Gemmi Pass 2009


October saw us return for a hike over Gemmi Pass  - 2316m / 7599ft  

This year  we did it a bit different than last year, starting in Leukerbad, hiking straight up over the pass.  

The path up was hewn from rock in 1737/1740, it runs along a rock face with a sheer drop of 600m (1960 feet), and is recommended only to those with a good head for heights.  We then hiked down along the shores of the Daubensee.

We spent the night on top at Schwarenbach. 

The next morning, after a sparse breakfast we hiked down the other side to Kandersteg where we caught the train back to Geneva.

The 2009 hike only saw two of the Scouts that did it in 2008, what happened to all the others??  

Congratulations to Hyeon-seo and Jean-Michael -  well done!!

Summer 2009

Troop 77 was very busy this summer!  

We sent Scouts to Val Ferret in the Swiss Alps, Camp Freedom, Germany, and Philmont Scout Ranch, New Mexico, USA this year!  

All of these experiences are "Life List" experiences for our Scouts.  Summer Camp provides a great way to work on merit badges, work with other members of your troop and learn leadership while having a GREAT TIME!

Philmont Scout Ranch is the capstone of all BSA programs!  Scouts participate in a 12 day outdoor experience while trekking 70 miles, participating in AWESOME programs such as shotgun shooting, black powder rifle shooting, fly fishing, rock climbing and rappelling, leading and working with others in a very challenging outdoor environment while having a GREAT TIME!

This is an exceptionally high amount of summer activity for a Scout Troop - definately not the "norm" at all!  Being able to provide our Scouts with this amount of Program opportunities, is due to the dedication and committment of our Scouters!  

All of our adult volunteers (Scouters) worked together to make sure that our Scouts were provided with the best summer programs available.  Some volunteers set up transportation and lodging, others went to camp with our Scouts.

All of this would not be possible without the selfless service of Troop 77 Scouters!  

Thank you ALL for ALL that YOU DO!  

Summer Time!

Summer time!  The days are long and warm, the nights are cool but not quite cold. It's a great time to get out and enjoy the outdoors - whether going out into the backcountry or sightseeing in the city.  Being outside is what summer is all about!

Of course, being outside is what Scouting is all about too, and as can be expected, Troop 77 is SUPER BUSY this summer!  

Whoever you are and wherever you go this year, Troop 77 wishes you a safe, adventure filled Scouting Summer!  

Scout On!

Scoutmaster Legarre

Pictured from top; Tooth Of Time, a Philmont, New Mexico landmark, the troop trekking through a mountain valley, Canoe trip on the Allier River, France.