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Boy Scout Troop 77
(Geneva, Switzerland)
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Eagle Scout Award

The Eagle Scout Award. 

It’s Scouting’s highest rank and among its most familiar icons.


Men who have earned it count it among their most treasured possessions.  Those who missed it by a whisker remember exactly which requirement they didn’t complete. Americans from all walks of life know that being an Eagle Scout is a great honor, even if they don’t know just what the badge means.

The award is more than a badge.  It’s a state of being.  You are an Eagle Scout—never wereYou may have received the badge as a boy, but you earn it every day as a man.  In the words of the Eagle Scout Promise, you do your best each day to make your training and example, your rank and your influence count strongly for better Scouting and for better citizenship in your troop, in your community, and in your contacts with other people.  

And to this you pledge your sacred honor.

Troop 77 Eagle Nest

Nicholas Land-Kaslauskas
Amir Jamoussi
Eric Baz 2015 Anthony Mongiello 2002 Jeffrey A. Baer 1989
Victor Chappuis    2014 Jonathen Arul 2002 Aaron C. Dunham 1988
Hyeon Seo Yun  2014 David Jensen 2000 Matthew C. Garland 1987
John Loeffler   2014 John-Peter Leacacos 1999 T. Hamilton Bunge 1987
Peter Harris  2013 Jonathan De Guzman 1998 Kevin S.  Orr 1987
Nicolas Evans-Dale  2013 Dwight Crabtree 1997 George C Bunge II 1986
Marco Aielo 2012 Beni Braun 1997 Michael Orr 1985
Benjamin Jepsen 2012 Whitney Hazelton   1996 Jeffrey Henn  1985
Benjamin Olson 2012 Robert Douglas 1995 Christer Malmberg 1985
Jean-Michael Legarre 2011 Tyler Crabtree 1994 Sean P. Mallon 1984
Yusuf Janahi 2011 Sven Scmitz-Leuffen  1994 Kenneth A. Korngiebel 1983
Daniel Baz 2010 Philip Mayer 1994 T. Graham Cable  1982
Nathan R. Phillips 2009 David Beran 1994 Geoffrey D. Ginzel 1982
Aaron J. Fillo 2008 Jerry Dugave Jr 1994 James M Acker  1981
Antoine Chappuis  2007 Fran Pacchiani 1993 Scott C. Martindell 1980
Oliver Korda 2005 Wilfred De Guzman 1993 Clifford C. Reese 1980
Alexander Lee 2005 Alex Raymond 1993 Ross Paul Koller 1980
Scott Korda 2003 Scott Mc Dermott 1993 Mike S Dugave 1979
Derek Bown 2003 David Coe  1993 Milan J. Turk 1979
Oliver Jensen 2003 Nick Angleys 1993 Chares David Ross 1977
Ambrose Gano 2003 Ken Della-Maria 1991 Harry B. King 1975
Michael De Guzman  2002 Matthew A. Strickler 1989 Philip W. Naud 1975